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specialized advanced age-defying & acne treatments

Circadia Triple Enzyme Peels $115
The combination of Bromlain, Papain, and Trypsin working together on different parts of the keratin molecule produce very effect results. Includes full facial. Raspberry, Chocolate, and Zymase. Series of four recommended. 60 min.

Adore Signature Favorite $145
the ultimate gratification with no down time. A facial for most everyone with superb results. A full facial which is followed by a microdermabrasion treatment followed by photo light treatment for maximum results. 70 min.

Circadia Oxygen Facial $125
For acne, rosacea, sun damaged, telangiectasia, and lackluster skin. Enhances and restores skin to more youthful appearance with minimal down time. Induces natural skin repair leaving it more luminous, healthier, clearer, and firmer with a more balanced skin tone. 90 min.
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Circadia Switch Repair $125
For aging, photo-damaged, environment damaged skin. A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin to its youthful appearance… A treatment that performs beyond the results with non-surgical peels. 90 min.

Circadia Peels: AHA/BHA’S (Acids) $125
Coordinated for your specific skin type as well as desired effects. To encourage skin renewal, refine texture and tone. A full facial to leave your skin energized, toned and luminous. A series of 4-6 recommended having optimal results. 60 min.

“A Lunchtime Peel” $118
For sun damaged, pigmented, aging skin with fine wrinkles rough and calloused skin. As well as certain types of acne. Includes a full facial. Recommend 4-6 series. 60 min.


“Hydrafacial Resurfacing” $140
As seen in popular media such as “the DRs”, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, this advanced system is truly one of a kind. This very advanced system is similar to microdermabrasion because of its skin resurfacing, instead of using crystals it uses a multitude of different serums to create a hydra-dermabrasion that effectively renews skin with minimal irritation or redness. As its exfoliating your skin it’s also infusing it with vitamins and solutions for a gorgeous instant facial. 60 min.

Deluxe $175
“Hydrafacial Resurfacing” includes lymphatic drainage, dermabuilder, and LED light.

Micro-Current (Non-Surgical Face Lift) $145
Great for aging skin. A nice safe alternative to plastic surgery. Micro currents from the SOLITONE 2500 Lumi Lift retrain your muscles to improve firmness and function. A series is recommended followed by once a month treatments to maintain. 90 min.

Micro-Dermaplaning $120
An alternative to microdermabrasion. Sessions reduce fine lines and improve skin by producing healthier looking skin. Also removes very fine facial hair which creates super soft skin. 60 min.


Solitone Photo Facial $125
Experience the great benefits and powerful effects of led light .Every color of the led spectrum provides different colors of light that have different functions when it comes to your skin. We will find the appropriate program for you based on your concerns. Great for anti-aging this facial helps build collagen, clear acne, reduces pigmentation and great for lymphatic drainage. 55 min.

Solitione Photo Light $65
A 20 minute siesta under the photo light which will be programed to your skin care needs. 20 min. Light only; facial not included at this price.