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adore spa & boutique
4605 NE Fremont St.
Suite 211 B
Portland, OR 97213

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Rejuve Facial $90
A great way to revitalize tired, environmentally damaged skin. This facial combines the latest in vitamin repair and alpha-hydroxyl exfoliation. A non-irritating vitamin power exfoliation improving skin tone, texture, and elasticity. 50 min.

Classic European $115
A great basic facial with the use of equipment, great for deep pore cleansing and exfoliation. Depending on your skin type it may include one or all: galvanic, vacuum, high frequency, extractions. 90 min.
Add enzyme or glycolic + $25

Gentlemen’s Facial $115
A European facial designed just for a man that improves skin impurities, while toning and rejuvenating both skin and mind. 60 min.
Add enzyme or glycolic + $25 (total time 90 min.)

Antioxidant Facial $100
A great facial to remove keratin buildup, as well as an anti-inflammatory. For prematurely damaged skin due to sun exposure, pollution, and chemicals. 60 min.


Radiate Express $100
Super mini facial with a great impact. Great for all skin types. Cleanse, glycolic, hydrating mask, followed with a moisturizer containing sunscreen. 30 min.

Detoxifying Facial $95
A re-energizing, skin-refining treatment for tired, sluggish and problem prone skin. For those inconvenient and unsightly breakouts, also uses galvanic, a special mask, high frequency as well as photo-light. 60 min.

Hydrating Fusion $95
For dehydrated, dry skin. A great facial for hydrating and restoring moisture to the skin. 50 min.

Teen Facial $65
A great introduction to facials or to young skin. Receive a deep pore cleansing, followed with a gentle exfoliation of pineapple, peppermint or chamomile depending on their skin type, followed by a mask and a moisturizer containing sun block. 25 min.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial $95
Through the elimination of toxins and promotion of insured nourishment, the skin achieves balance resulting in a cleaner complexion and improved skin tone. Reduction in wrinkles due to dehydration, reduction in edema or puffy skin, and finally it also helps acne prone skin. 60 min.

Adore Microdermabrasion $115
Classic crystal microdermabrasion defoliation. 50 min.

Add On Services:
LUMI-LIGHT (20 min.) + $40
Glycolic + $35
Enzyme + $30
Oxygen Therapy + $25
Hand Treatment + $20